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Even in today's shaky economy, there are still freebies and cheapies out there.

Even in today's shaky economy, there are still "freebies and cheapies" out there.


Dollar to the Max – Slash Your Grocery Budget at Those 99-Cent & Dollar Stores

The Stability of the Dollar Stores and the Importance of Grabbing Bargains When You See Them

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How Ignoring Renter's Insurance Could End Up Costing You Thousands of Dollars

Frugal Café Blog Zone: Frugalista Guilty Pleasure: History Channel’s 'American Pickers' Search for Rusty Americana Junk to Buy & Sell for Fun & Profit (video)

99-Cent Only Store Gumption & Imagination... Delicious, Cheap Meals

Frugal Café Blog Zone: Save Money Filling Troop Care Packages: 2009 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Calendars, 99 Cents

Unbelievable Food Bargains Thrill and Help Financially Strapped Customers: Bargain Bin, Phoenix, Arizona

Ask and Ye Shall Receive: Free for All, the Little-Known World of Freecycling

Free Religious Graphics, from Frugal Café

Frugal Café Blog Zone: Gotta Make 'Em Laugh: Links to Clean, Christian, & Kid Joke Sites

Frugal Café Blog Zone: Food Jungle Conquest: Diced Chile Peppers, Bargain Bin

How to Fight Botnets and Trojans: Anticipated Cyber-crime Attacks Could Cost You Money, Your Identity, Computer Data, and Credit Card Information

Help Your Favorite Charity for Free: Search-Engine Clicking through Earns Money for Charities | Celebrities Give Back

Free: Listening Online to Radio's "Numero Uno" Talk Radio Host, Rush Limbaugh

Frugal Café Blog Zone: Frugal Christmas Freebies: Free Christmas Music Downloads, Free Online Radio Listening to Christmas Tunes

Send a Free Virtual Greeting: Free e-Cards Extravaganza

The Rap on Wrap: Get Creative, Get Thrifty with DIY Wrapping Paper from Recycled Materials

Pump Savvy: Finding the Cheapest Gas in Your Area

Plastic Bags: Frugal, Smart Ways to Use Them Again Before Chucking Them into a Landfill

Online Surveys: Earn or Burn?

Save Money on Kids at Restaurants: Denny's Kids' Night and Lone Star Steakhouse

Having Money Requires Planning, Not Luck: Has Fun Providing Common-Sense Solutions on Saving & Frugality

Frugal Café Blog Zone: Americans’ Right to Resell Used Cars, iPhones, DVDs, Family Antiques, or Other Used Items May Become Illegal Without Permission

DIY Fashion & Recycling: ThreadBanger | Video Demo: How to Crochet Flower Appliqués with Old Yarn & Making Recycled Sleeping Bags

DIY Fashion: ThreadBanger | Video Demo: Frugal Halloween Costumes | Pirate Costume

Free Government-Funded Language Course on the Internet: Online English Instruction Classes for Adults (but Only if You Speak Spanish)

The Frugal Wisdom of Benjamin Franklin: Insightful Quotations on Thrift, Hard Work, and Money