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Free Religious Graphics, from Frugal Café

By Vicki McClure Davidson


I've created a number of small static and animated religious graphics (gif format) that are languishing on my hard drive. Poor little things... they need to be let out and be enjoyed.

These gifs may be suitable for your website or for a forum that you're hosting. I made them some years back when I worked as a high school English teacher for a long-distance homeschooling academy. I had a blast making these for students to use in our online chat room. Because the server refreshed the chat room every 5 seconds, the animated graphics are looped and run fast so that they could be viewed full-cycle before the site refreshed (less than 5 seconds). Please don't get a headache viewing all the speedy animations here on one page!

Many are Bible passages. I'm also including a few amusing ones that aren't religious. All the graphics are very small, most measuring between 16 and 20 pixels in height. They were designed to be inserted in the narrow text rows of a chat room.

Since these graphics are my own creations, you're welcome to use them free of charge. We only ask that you provide a link back to this site if you post them online and please say a few nice things about us at Frugal Café.

Not all browsers read gifs well—a few older ones don't read them at all. We hope these work out for you. To download the graphics to your PC, right-click the one(s) you want and then click "Save As." We may add another batch down the road.

God bless you all... and, as always, be frugal.

All Graphics - copyright 2010, Vicki McClure Davidson

Religious Graphics




















Christmas Graphics













Graphics Just for Fun















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