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Threadbanger to the Rescue... Cheap Blue Jeans Makeover: DIY Zippered Legs

Compiled by Vicki McClure Davidson


Whether it's to refresh your current jeans wardrobe for back-to-school or a vacation, or to embellish a plain pair of new jeans, the DIY approach will save you a ton of money.

Inserting zippers along the outer seams of jeans is fairly easy to do, especially with the valuable sewing tips offered in this new Threadbanger DIY fashion craft video. Buying jeans with leg zippers can cost a small fortune, so for the investment of two short zippers costing a few bucks and putting in a small amount of time, you can personalize and jazz up your jeans on the cheap.

Be sure to use a zipper foot, as is suggested in the video demo, when sewing in the zippers. You'll be able to get much closer to the edge than with a regular foot, making the end result cleaner and more professional looking.

I really like the use of the sticky tape instead of straight pins to secure the zippers in the pants' legs. This will protect your sewing machine needle from breaking should it accidentally plunge into a pin, and your fingers will be safetyguarded as well.


Blue Jeans Makeover: How to Install a Zipper on the Side of Your Pants Leg: Secretlifeofabionerd, Threadbanger


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