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DIY Fashion: ThreadBanger

Video Demo: How to Make a Cute Bikini from Old T-Shirts & the Renegade Craft Fair

Compiled by Vicki McClure Davidson


ThreadBanger's Rob and Corinne visit the Renegade Craft Fair in Brooklyn and interview several of the creative vendors there. Corinne demonstrates how easy and cheap it is to sew up a cute bikini out of old T-shirts. This idea came from Megan Nicolay's innovative book, Generation-T: 108 Ways to Transform a T-Shirt, available in paperback on Amazon.

The amount of money demanded for stylish bikinis these days is staggering (some cost more than $100 for two flimsy pieces), but no need to fret. ThreadBanger comes to the rescue with an affordable DIY solution that will look fab at the beach or pool.

Recycling or refreshing old T-shirts, or buying a few from thrift stores to cut up for DIY fashion projects, can really extend your family's clothing budget. By clicking here, you can visit the Generation-T website for more ideas on rejuvenating, restyling, and recycling old tees. Frugal Café will soon be showcasing more thrifty DIY clothing ideas using old T-shirts: for you, for your significant other, and for your children.


To view ThreadBanger's embedded YouTube video without its Google ads at the bottom, click the button with the X in the lower right corner (it appears shortly after the video starts to play). However, please view the ads at least once all the way through so that the sponsors are happy and ThreadBanger earns a tiny bit of revenue. Since you'll likely watch this how-to video a couple of times, watching it at least once with the displayed ads, and clicking any of them that are intriguing to you, should be no hardship.








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