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DIY Fashion: ThreadBanger

Video Demo: Frugal Halloween Costumes | Pirate Costume

Compiled by Vicki McClure Davidson



Arrgggh, shiver me timbers! ThreadBanger's Corinne uses DIY ingenuity, basic sewing skills, and a trip to her local Goodwill to buy a few pieces of used clothing to recycle and restyle into a terrific female pirate costume for Halloween. With some modifications, it would work for a male, or you can easily make Halloween costumes for kids from recycled clothes.

With only a few tools, Corinne transforms an old pair of leather pants and a cotton work shirt into an entire pirate costume, including a truly cool tri-cornered hat. The hat could also be made to wear with a patriot or American colonist costume. Using waxed dental floss to sew together the leather pieces was inspirational. She bought the recycled clothing materials for under 10 swashbucklin' bucks.

Then, Corinne adds a bandanna, a slip, pirate-type jewelry, knee-high boots, and black fishnet stockings to get the maximum "pirate look" (all extra accessories are optional and adaptable, so look through your closets and drawers to see what you may already have to add the final touches).

Aye, mateys, a fine, frugal costume, indeed! The finished pirate costume rivals those in costume stores costing $30 or more. Using articles of clothing you may have around the house will bring the cost down even further.

See how she does it in the video below.

To view ThreadBanger's embedded YouTube video without its Google ads at the bottom, click the button with the X in the lower right corner (it appears shortly after the video starts to play). However, please view the ads at least once all the way through so that the sponsors are happy and ThreadBanger earns a tiny bit of revenue. Since you'll likely watch this how-to video a couple of times, watching it at least once with the displayed ads, and clicking any of them that are intriguing to you, should be no hardship.











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