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Winter Care Tips and Precautions for Pets, People, Plants, and Possessions: Less Money, More Safety

By Vicki McClure Davidson


While it does get cold here in my region of Arizona during the winter, rarely does it get anywhere near freezing, especially during the day. While it doesn't snow here in the Phoenix area, it does in the higher Arizona mountain regions.

We do get a few frost warnings for nights during December and January. So, the kids and I round up several large towels and old sheets and drape them over all my delicate, heat-loving plants. The next day, we remove them so the sun can warm the plants. That's a big chunk of my hands-on winter care experience.

For folks in other parts of the country, it's so much more time-intensive than that. A lot of precautions must be made before the first snow falls and continued thereafter.

Winter care tips to save money and keep your family, pets, home, vehicles, and outdoor plants better protected. | Photo credit: Public Domain Photos

Winter care tips to save money and keep your family, pets, home, vehicles, and outdoor plants better protected. | Photo credit: Public Domain Photos

Here are all sorts of inexpensive winterizing tips for dealing with extreme cold, heavy rain, snow, sleet, ice, fog, or blizzards. Many of these winter care tips can be used no matter where you live in the world. By following them, you'll not only save money by preventing more costly repairs or replacements later, but you and your family will be safer.

Winter Care Hints & Tips

Family and Pets

Home/Outdoor Plants/Yard



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